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When The Moon Forgot
 One night the moon never rises. The tides grow slow and stop. The sea becomes a dark mirror, cold and still. No one knows where it has gone. Every channel on TV reports the moon's disappearance. People start to wonder: Will it ever come back?  
 But it will be all right! Machines grind and clank. Factories hum. Here comes the moon or rather, moons.
 Everyone gets one. Their soft light beams and now nobody is afraid. These moons are always full. Every day, every hour, they smiled joyfully, tenderly.
 One girl cradles the moon in her arms until it begins to glow.
 "Try floating," says the girl. The moon is scared of heights, but soon it can bob up and down. Its light changes a little, day by day.
 The sky gets darker. " Don't worry," says the girl. " You can stay here with me." When the lights go out, all over the city, the girl and the moon creep onto the roof, surprised at the dark, peaceful world. No one is there to watch with them.
 Old moons pile up on street corners. The girl dreams that monsters are lurking down alleys and hiding in sewers. Is there anyone who can help? The moon can still shine even when the night is darkest. It spins and floats outside. The moon remembers where it came from!
 The moon spins gently. The girl slips into sleep. From then on the girl’s dreams are always filled with moonlight.   
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